1-2 June Cognitive interviewing – an evidence-based tool for interviewing witnesses, Joensuu

Please register by 8 May, 2017: Form

Further information: Ms. Hanna Lahtinen (hannalah@uef.fi) Psychology and Ms. Elisa Silvennoinen (elisa.silvennoinen@uef.fi) Law School.

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Thursday, 1 June

12:00 Registration begins

13:00 to 13:15 Opening Ceremonies

13:00 Keynote Addresses: Cognitive interviewing –why should we use it in interviewing witnesses? Research and practice in UK.

Coral Dando, professor, University of Westminster, UK and

Dave Walsh, University Reader in Criminal Investigation, Departmental Research Lead & Deputy Director of the International Policing and Justice Institute University of Derby, UK

15:00 Coffee break

15:30 Workshop on cognitive interviewing: case examples and working in groups.

Coral Dando & David Walsh with locals assisting.

19:00 Evening Reception and sauna at Aura restaurant, University of Eastern Finland


Friday, 2 June

9:00 Presentations and discussion:

Finnish perspective on interviewing witnesses and training investigative interviewers,

Miia Lehtinen, Inspector, Häme Police Department, City of Lahti.

Cognitive Interview in the context of criminal trial: possible effects on legal decision making,

Matti Tolvanen, professor, University of Eastern Finland 

Interpersonal communication and social interaction in legal context,

Sanna Ala-Kortesmaa, PhD, University lecturer, Tampere University of Technology

Applying eyewitness testimony research in criminal investigation,

Julia Korkman, PhD, researcher, Åbo Akademi

11:30 Lunch           

12:30 Next steps?

Planning and sharing ideas: Research and training on Cognitive interviewing in Finland in the future?

Chair: Hanna Lahtinen, part-time teacher, University of Eastern Finland and Linnea West, Senior Constable, Vaasa Central Police Station

13:45 to 14:00 Closing ceremonies


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