8-9 June 18th Kuopio Bio-NMR Workshop and ISMRM Nordic Chapter Meeting

The 18th Kuopio Bio-NMR Workshop is organized as a joint event with the meeting of the Nordic Chapter of ISMRM on June 8-9, 2017 in Kuopio.

The workshop brings together international faculty, scientists, and clinicians developing and using MRI in the daily work and graduate students that are interested learning the cutting edge MRI techniques. It focuses on recent advancement in MRI techniques which can be used for assessment of brain plasticity during development or plasticity induced by learning, damage or brain stimulation. Techniques involve novel diffusion MRI that goes beyond DTI, structural and functional connectivity analysis, fMRI combined with optogenetics, and hyperpolarized MRI.

PhD students will get credits depending on their contribution to the workshop.

The workshop is free for all participants (registration required).

More information and registration can be found from the following link: http://www.uef.fi/bionmrworkshop/

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