28 Aug Seminar: Social Dimensions of Health, Kuopio

Date and venue: Monday, 28th August, 2017, Medistudia, Room MS302, University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio Campus

Organized by: Institute of Public Health and Clinical Nutrition

Chair of the organizing group: Professor Jussi Kauhanen, MD, PhD, Director, Institute of Public Health and Clinical Nutrition

Coordinator: Dr. Sohaib Khan, MBBS, MPH, PhD, Assistant Professor, sohaib.khan@uef.fi

The seminar is open to students and researchers from various health sciences and social sciences backgrounds of UEF and other Finnish universities (via UniPID).

Theme: United Nation’s Sustainable development Goals highlight the focus on social inequalities in health worldwide. This seminar aims to discuss how our social environment shapes health attitudes; how it dictates our access to health; how it  predicts our health-activities and behaviors; and how it determines the overall distribution of health. Seminar invites speakers from developed and developing countries, to illustrate the situation, progress and challenges that the global community faces when it pursues towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

You can earn 1 ECTS by completing the following requirements:

Attend the entire programme. Poster presentation of your research work OR an Essay assignment.

Registration: To register, please send an email to sohaib.khan@uef.fi . Deadline for Registration is 10th of August 2017. This email should contain following info:

Full name Degree programme Institute email address Poster presentation: YES or NO (If YES, please write full title of your presentation, we will then send you more guidelines)

Report at the Registration desk at 0900 on 28th August at MS302.

Funding: There is no funding available from the Institute for the participants.

Contact info: For any further questions, please contact:

Dr. Sohaib Khan, MBBS, RMP, MPH, PhD
Assistant Professor of International Health
Institute of Public Health & Cl. Nutrition
University of Eastern Finland
Room CA3079, UEF Kuopio Campus



0900: Registration

Session 1:

0930: Keynote lecture 1: Social inequalities in health: any progress in sight during the era of Sustainable Development Goals? Jussi Kauhanen, MD, PhD, Professor, Institute of Public Health and Clinical Nutrition, University of Eastern Finland

1030: Keynote lecture 2: Human Capital Approach (HCA): The preventable losses due to premature deaths. Ilkka Vohlonen, MD, PhD, Professor, Institute of Public Health and Clinical Nutrition, University of Eastern Finland

1130: Lunch Break

Session 2:

1230: Presentation 1: Tracking investment from emerging economies for SDGs – The measurement and country indicators. Pavitra Paul, PhD, Researcher, University of Eastern Finland

1300: Presentation 2: Health and social services in Karelias – Availability and satisfaction in the sparsely populated areas in the North Karelia and the Republic of Karelia. Maria Semenova, MD, MSc, Researcher, University of Eastern Finland

1330: Presentation 3: Impact of health care technologies on health status. Deb Ray, MA, MSocSc, MSc, Researcher, University of Eastern Finland

1400: Coffee break

Session 3:

1430: Poster presentation: MSc. and PhD research projects

1500: Discussion session: Chaired by Sohaib Khan, MBBS, MPH, PhD

1530: Wrap up and conclusion: Jussi Kauhanen

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