12.-13 Oct Bomocult seminar: Engaging Borders as a Site of Encounters: New Directions in Interdisciplinary Research, Joensuu

Time: 12.-13.10.2017

Place: University of Eastern Finland (UEF), Joensuu campus, buildings Futura and Borealis

Organizer: BOMOCULT research area


Thursday 12 October 2017


Room: F100 (9.00--12.00)


9.15-9.30           Conference opening

                             Jopi Nyman and James Scott, UEF


9.30-10.15        Keynote 1:

                             Fabrizio Eva, University of Venice at Treviso, Italy

Using an Anarchist Approach in Geopolitics and in the Borders–Migration Issues: Mission (Im)possible?


10.15-10.30      Coffee


10.30-12.00      Panel 1a (Room F100): “Methodologies and Interdisciplinarity”

Laura Assmuth, UEF: Translocal Ways in the Nordic Mobility Space: Towards a Grounded Transnationalism Jeremy Smith, UEF: Talking to Each Other or Talking Past Each Other: Some Questions Problematizing Interdisciplinary Research Mikko Laitinen, UEF: Borders, Mobilities and Cultural Encounters Meet Digital Humanities


Panel 1b (Room F111): “Nation, Region, Interculturality”

Heta Hurskainen, UEF: The Russian Orthodox Church: Building a Doctrinal National Identity in the 1990s Ahmed Hassan, Hochschule Bonn Rhein-Sieg, Germany: Impact of Intercultural Exchange NGOs on the Current Migrants/Refugees in Europe Martin Barthel, UEF: Capricious Borders: A Comparative Analysis of Regional Identity Building in Post-Socialist Border Regions: A Case Study of Poland’s Western and Eastern Border

12.00-13.00      Lunch break


13.00-14.30      Panel 2a (Room: BOR100): “Drawing Borders, Providing Services”

Jaana Palander and Pirjo Pöllänen, UEF: Everyday Security and Legal Aid for Asylum Seekers – Local and Interdisciplinary Study Alicja Fajfer, UEF: Where is Here and Who Are They? Language in Service of (Multilingual) Identities Niilo Lahti, UEF: Drawing Borders in a Religious Setting: Pragma-dialectical Analysis of 1 Corinthians


13.00-14.30      Panel 2b (Room: N105):  ”Interdisciplinary Literary Borders”

Johan Schimanski, UEF and University of Oslo: Border Utopias, Border Dystopias Lotta Luhtala, UEF: Vegan Studies as an Interdisciplinary Junction: A Literary Studies Perspective Ekaterina Prosandeeva, UEF: (Non)Metaphoric Displacement and Schizophrenia


14.30-15.00      Coffee


Room: BOR100


15.00-16.30      Panel 3: “Sex and Danger”

Pauliina Lukinmaa, UEF: Transnational Networks of St. Petersburg LGBTQI Activism Henrik Dorf Nielsen, UEF: Perceptions of Danger in Southern Arizona Borderlands Anna Casaglia, UEF: The Violence of the Border and Its Representation in Pornography


16.30-17.15      Keynote 2:

                             Elisabeth Bekers, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium

Writers Without Borders: Remedying Postcolonial Europe’s Amnesia and Ruptures through Literary Creativity


Friday 13 October 2017


Room: BOR100


9.15-10.00        Keynote 3:

                           Thomas Wilson, Binghamton University, USA

                           Encountering Brexit: Fear, Anxiety and Opportunity in the Northern Ireland Borderlands


10.00-10.30      Coffee



Panel 4a (Room BOR100): “Borders, Memories and Europe: Transnational Memory Politics from the Historical and Contemporary Perspective I”
Coordinators Ismo Björn, Olga Davydova-Minguet, and Pirjo Pöllänen, UEF 

Juraj Buzalka, Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia: Peoples’ Economy Commemoration Pirjo Pöllänen, UEF: Contemporary Welfare State Policy and Everyday Life of Migrants in Rural Finland Pekka Suutari, UEF: Performing Runo Songs, Remembering Kalevala Transnational Tradition Ismo Björn, UEF: Paradise Lost and a Hero Town: The Collective Memories of the Border Town Sortavala

Panel 4b (Room F111): “Crisis and Coping”

Jussi Laine, UEF: The Ethics of Bordering: A Critical Reading of the Refugee ‘Crisis’ Fedor Popov and Tamara Galkina, Russian Academy of Sciences: Russia’s Borders with Abkhazia and South Ossetia on Four Scales: Analysis of the Political Discourse Daniel Rauhut, UEF: The Border Controls between Sweden and Denmark: Implications on Regional Development Virpi Kaisto, UEF and Olga Brednikova, Centre for Independent Social Research, Russia: Between Everyday and EU Neighbourhood: Life in the Finnish–Russian Borderland

12.30-13.15      Lunch break



Panel 5a (Room BOR100): “Borders, Memories and Europe: Transnational Memory Politics from the Historical and Contemporary Perspective II”

Coordinators Ismo Björn, Olga Davydova-Minguet, and Pirjo Pöllänen, UEF

Olga Davydova-Minguet, UEF: (Trans)National Memories on the Border Rezeda Lyykorpi, UEF: A Place with a Powerful Past: Königsberg Memory as Appropriated by Kaliningraders Oleg Reut, Petrozavodsk University, Russia and Tatiana Teterevleva,  Northern Arctic Federal University, Russia: How the Borders are Constructed in the City Space after Conferring the Honorary Title ‘City of Military Glory’: The Case of Petrozavodsk


Panel 5b (Room F111): “Encountering Europe”

Elina Hytönen-Ng, UEF and Nora Tarmio, University of Jyväskylä: Borders and Encounters within the Finnish Society Joni Virkkunen and Minna Piipponen, UEF: Escaping Extremism: Muslim Asylum Seekers’ Expectations for Europe Jopi Nyman, UEF: Borderscapes and Contemporary Refugee Narratives


14.45-15.00      Coffee


Room: BOR100


15.00-15.45      Keynote 4:

                             Nick Megoran, University of Newcastle, UK

                             Boundary Biographies and Nationalism: An Interdisciplinary Perspective


15.45-16.00      Closing plenary


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