2.-3 Nov BOMOCULT Symposium with open lectures: Border Images, Border Narratives, Joensuu

Time: 2.–3.11.2017

Place: University of Eastern Finland (UEF), Joensuu campus, Futura building, auditorium F100, address: Yliopistokatu 7

Border Images, Border Narratives

A symposium with open lectures arranged within the Borders, Mobilities and Cultural Encounters (BOMOCULT) research area at the UEF

Borderlands and border-crossings (such as by migrants) are present in public discourse and more private, everyday experience, mediated through various stories, photographs, films and other forms. Narratives and images are part of the borderscapes in which border-crossings and bordering processes take place, contributing to the negotiation of borders in the public sphere. These aesthetic forms are central to the political process, the latter being characterized by Jacques Rancière as a partage du sensible, a “distribution/sharing/division of the sense-able”. Narratives and images make it possible for various top-down and bottom-up discourses to be heard and make visible different minority groups and constituencies.

At this symposium, invited speakers and experts in the field will discuss the role of images and narratives in different borderscapes, and attend to three pressing issues as to how they contribute to a political aesthetics of borders: 1. How does the choice of form, medium, genre and aesthetical strategies help form and potentially transform the borderscape? 2. How do these different forms, discourses and genres cross the borders into the public sphere? 3. What paradoxes can problematize simple perceptions of making visible and giving voice?

Participation in the symposium is free of charge, and everyone with an interest in the theme is welcome.


Schedule and Abstracts


Thursday 2 November

09:45-10:00      opening

10:00-10:45      Wolfgang Müller-Funk (University of Vienna) The Phenomenology of the Liminal

10:45-11:30      Chiara Brambilla (University of Bergamo) Negotiating In/visibilities beyond the Spectacularization of Mediterranean Frontiers: Young People’s Public Visibility, Alternative Forms of Political Subjectivity and Revolutionary Geographical Imaginations

11:30-11:45      coffee

11:45-12:30      Patricia García (The University of Nottingham) Border Distortions and Transgressions in the Postmodern Fantastic Text

12:30-13:30      lunch break

13:30-14:15      Stephen F. Wolfe (University of Tromsø) At the Limits of Representation: Remapping Migrant Cartographies in Contemporary Europe

14:15-15:00      Karina Horsti (University of Jyväskylä) Photographs and Imagination: Visual Representation of Migrant Death at Europe’s Border

15:00-15:30      coffee

15:30-16:15      Jopi Nyman (University of Eastern Finland) Borderscapes of Calais: Images of ‘The Jungle’


Friday 3 November

10:00-10:45      Ilkka Liikanen (University of Eastern Finland) Beyond East-West Divide? Changing Spatial Imaginaries of EU Neighbourhood Policies

10:45-11:30      Tuulikki Kurki (University of Eastern Finland) From Heroism to Grotesque: Border Related Trauma Narratives and Images at the Finnish Russian Borderland

11:30-11:45      coffee

11:45-12:30      Johan Schimanski (University of Oslo/University of Eastern Finland) Border Traumas, Aesthetics and Memory: Photographs in Norwegian and Swedish Migration Literature

12:30-13:30      lunch break

13:30-14:15      Victor Konrad (Carleton University) Expanded Border Images and Aligned Border Narratives: China Encounters and Negotiates the Border with Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam

14:15-15:00      Tim Youngs (Nottingham Trent University) Reaching Out: Crossing Borders in the Writing of Travel Poetry

15:00-15:30      coffee

15:30-16:00      summing-up


Co-ordinator: Professor of Cultural Encounters Johan Schimanski (johan.schimanski@uef.fi), in cooperation with Professor Jopi Nyman.


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