8 Nov Seminar: Forest-based bioeconomy - benefits for climate, jobs and growth, Brussels

Forest-based bioeconomy responds to European-level challenges such as creating jobs, supporting innovations, mitigating and adapting to climate change, and helping the development of rural areas and managing natural resources sustainably. The University of Eastern Finland (UEF) and LUKE Natural Resources Institute Finland will organize an exciting event 8 November in Brussels, to discuss:

- How forest – based bioeconomy will create new jobs and offer solutions for rural areas?

- What is/should be the role of sustainable forestry for EU’s bioeconomy?

- How can sustainable forest-based materials substitute non-renewable materials?

- What is the potential of research and bioeconomy when it comes to new innovations and SMEs?

- Can we combine sustainable forest management, multiple use of forests and new businesses in the forest based sector?

- Will climate, energy or health concerns shift research priorities?

This event will tackle these complex questions in a multidisciplinary approach, speakers varying from representatives of the EU institutions, forest law researchers to scientists and other experts whose specialisation are new wood-based products and business opportunities.

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