27-28 Nov Conference: Perception of Russia in Contemporary World: Memory, Identity, Conflicts, Joensuu

Time and venue: 27.–28.11, AU206, Aurora, Joensuun kampus

This event is viewed as a capstone of the international research project "Perception of Russia Across Eurasia: Memory, Identity, Conflicts" which is being implemented by the international team of scholars within the framework of EU-Russia scientific cooperation program - ERA.NetRUSPlus 2016-2017.

The two-days' final conference will focus on the discursive construction of images of Russia by various ethno-cultural groups in different post-Soviet, post-socialist and Western countries. Our aim is to bring together international scholars who could present results of their latest research on the topic and who could also be marked by a variety of conceptual approaches, regional foci, and disciplines (Sociology, History, Cultural Studies, Literary Studies, Social Linguistics, International Relations, etc.). We also propose to discuss different methodologies and theoretical approaches to the topic under study.


For further information, please contact: Adjunt professor Olga Davydova-Minguet, olga.davydova-minguet(at)uef.fi


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