Counselling and Guidance

Counselling and guidance are offered by departmental international coordinators. Department amanuenses and other staff of the Administration Service Centre also guide students in various academic matters.

In addition to counselling in the faculty there are various counselling services in the university:

The following table presents the duties of the faculty staff in general.

Officer Assignment
Departmental International Coordinator
  • Councelling in general academic matters in the Department
  • personal study plan
  • recognition of studies
Secretary responsible for academic affairs in the Department
  • enrolments for the courses and exams
  • course performances registration
Course director, course instructor
  • completing courses and evaluation of study performances
Supervisor of the thesis
  • supervision of Master's thesis
Secretary (administration) in the Administration Service Centre, centered services
  • appointments of examiners of Master's thesis
  • accepting Master's thesis
  • degree certificates and Diploma Supplements
Head of Academic and Student Affairs
  • degree certificates and Diploma Supplements
  • legal protection


Student Feedback

Any kind of feedback from students serves the development of teaching, guidance and student services. Therefore the feedback is highly appreciated. When you wish to give us feedback, please contact the following persons:

  • Course feedback: Course leader or instructor
  • General feedback of teaching, guidance and teaching arrangements in the Department: Departmental international coordinator or Head of the Department
  • Academic matters in general in the faculty: Head of academic and student affairs
In case you would like to proceed any academic matter officially or you do not know whom to contact, you may turn to either of the Heads of Academic and Student Affairs of the Faculty.