Elective Studies (20 ECTS)

The following list of course offerings is by no means exhaustive, though represents the most relevant teaching that will compliment students' study programme. Courses offered by other departments not on this list may also contribute towards the Elective Studies, though should be agreed upon by students with their academic supervisor. Students must gain a minimum of 20 elective credits from the below list or from either major's course offerings that are not counted towards a student's compulsory studies.

For detailed course information, please refer to WebOodi, University of Eastern Finland's study information portal. You do NOT need to sign in to see the course descriptions and lecturing times!

Autumn 2017

5111806 Practical field course in St. Petersburg for human geography and history students (5 credits)
5111603 History of colonization and decolonization in (Central) Africa (5 credits)
5114104 History of Russia (2-4 credits)
5114119 Economic Development of Border Regions on the Finnish-Russian Border, lectures (3 credits)
5114191 Economic Development of Border Regions on the Finnish-Russian Border, essay (2 credits)
3622111 Basic statistics in English (5 credits)

Spring 2018

5526107 J: Religion and Borders in Russia (5 credits)
5112454 J: Russia’s nationalities policy and the Finno-Ugrian regions (3 credits)
5119154 Theories and methods for social studies of environmental issues (5 credits)

Independent study year-round:

5111596 History of Globalisation (5 credits)
5114102 History of Autonomous Finland (1809-1917) (2-10 credits)   
5114103 History of Independent Finland (1917-) (2-10 credits)
5114111 Specialization in Russian History (2–4 credits)
5114112 History of the Baltic Area (2-10 credits)
5114121 Specialization in Eastern European History (2-6 credits)
5526105 Practical Training (10 credits)
5526106 Other Specialised Studies (1-5 credits)