After the student has completed all the required studies for the degree (study modules and theses) he/she may apply for the degree certificate by using an application form. With the degree certificate the student also receives Diploma Supplement and transcript of academic records.

NB! Due to the coronavirus situation, the form should be returned to the amanuensis by email.

Delivery time for the certificate is three (3) weeks from the point when the last study performance has been registered or from the date the application has been returned.

NB! In rush hour, e.g. at the end of the autumn and spring terms, the delivery time may be longer.

Transcript of academic records

Transcript of academic records is an official document issued by the university. The transcript includes information on e.g. completed and recognised study modules, completed study modules as well as grades given.

How can I make sure that I get my degree certificate in time?

Many students submit their applications for degree certificates at the end of either the spring semester or the autumn semester, which is why getting your degree certificate during these busy periods at the end of a semester may take longer than three (3) weeks.

To make sure that you get your degree certificate in time, please follow these deadlines:

  • to graduate in spring semester, submit your Master's thesis no later than 30.4..; submit your degree certificate application form no later than 31.5.
  • to graduate in autumn semester, submit your Master's thesis no later than 31.10.; submit your degree certificate application form no later than 30.11.

Please note: You can graduate any time during the academic year and the Faculty gives out degree certificates throughout the year. These deadlines are only in place to make sure that students who want to graduate within a specific semester are able to do so.

The degree certificate will be dated either on the arrival date of the degree certificate application, or the date of registration for the last completed course (for example, the Master's thesis) in WebOodi.

After graduation

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After completing your Master's degree, you have the chance to apply to UEF Doctoral School.