Internship/practical training is not compulsory, but it is an optional part of the Master’s degree studies in the Border Crossings programme. Internship for Border Crossings students is found on WebOodi with the code 5526105 Practical Training.

A basic requirement is that each student has to find their own training position. The employer can be, for example, a company or a government institution or a third sector organisation. The internship should last at least 2 months.

Internship grant

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies supplies a yearly fund with which departments can support their students’ internships. Departments usually call for applications for these internship grants at the middle or the end of the autumn semester (around November-December). The decisions about the scholarships are made by the departments. In decision-making, first priority will be given to students in whose degree studies internship is compulsory.

Interning without a grant

The student can intern without getting a grant, in which case the employer is responsible for all costs. Unpaid internship is also possible.

How to find an internship position?

The internship positions that are advertised through the University of Eastern Finland can be found on the Aarresaari portal:

Information about job seeking in Finland can be found for example on the Aarresaari portal (Career Services Network of Finnish Universities).

University of Eastern Finland's Career and Counselling Services provide services such as career planning courses for students. For example, see the course 1130007 Career Planning - international students seeking a job or traineeship in Finland.

Before the internship

In order to get the study credits set for the traineeship in the curriculum, the internship must fulfill the criteria set in the curriculum. Before beginning the internship, the student should consult the co-ordinator of the Border Crossings programme to make sure that the internship position is acceptable.

In addition, students must write a plan paper for the internship (3-5 pages). In the plan, students will set out goals for the internship and introduce the host organisation.

The internship plan paper should describe:

  • the organization in which the student is interning
  • the intern’s position/tasks
  • the student’s own goals for their learning outcomes
  • the reasoning why this internship is a good fit in the student’s degree and career plans

After the internship

After the internship period, students are required to write a 5-page report about the internship and deliver a copy of a testimonial/ letter of reference to the department. In the report, students should describe and evaluate the internship period and how it supported their studies and/ or career. Instructions for writing a report are given by the programme.

Former work experience

It is possible to compensate the Practical Training course with former work experience that is equivalent to the aims of the course. Also, in this case, students are required to write a 5-page report and show a testimonial/ letter of reference from an employer. Instructions for writing a report are given by the programme.


The university insurance covers the student if they are doing an internship that is part of their degree studies and has been approved by the department.