Advanced Studies in Sociology/Social and Public Policy: Borders, Society and Cultural Diversity (40 ECTS)

The Borders, Society and Cultural Diversity major concentrates on social and cultural aspects of living with and on the borders both at the institutional and everyday life level. It is based upon teaching from the fields of social policy and sociology. Students must gain a minimum of 40 credits from the below offerings to fulfil the compulsory component, though any additional credits gained from this list may contribute towards completing the student's Elective studies.

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Autumn 2017

5516122 Racism, Prejudice and Cultural Discrimination (5 credits)
5516115 Orient Meets Occident: Culture, Knowledge and Hegemony (5 credits)

Spring 2018

5515301 Global Change, Local Encounters: Themes and Concepts (5 credits)
5516128 Late Modernity and Its Borders (5 credits)
5516127 Introduction to Global Ethics (5 credits)
5516129 Gender, State, and the Labour Market (5 credits)
5516134 Sociology of Migration and Mobility (5 credits)
5516135 Introduction to Gender and International Development  (5 credits)

Independent study year-round:

5515307 Mobility and Borderless Care (5 credits)
5516104 Approaching Culture: Encounters, Representations, Cultural Identities (5 credits)
5514330 Relational Sociology: Researching Relations and Inequality (5 credits)