Master's Thesis

The Master's Thesis is a student's original research project in written format. Each student will work closely with their appointed Academic Supervisor in the preparation of the Master's Thesis, and will get feedback from staff and their peers through the regular Research Colloquium (see Compulsory Studies).

Master's Thesis (40 credits)

5116312 Human Geography
5514355 Sociology
5515338 Social and Public Policy

Maturity Test (0 credits)

The maturity test is a compulsory part of the degree. An abstract to the thesis, by which the student demonstrates his/her familiarity with the research field, is considered as the maturity test.

5116241 Human Geography
5516121 Sociology/ Social and Public Policy

Abstract template

The Procedure Concerning the Evaluation of Master's Theses

How to submit a Master's thesis for examination: Instructions for students

When your Master's thesis is ready, originality verification needs to be performed on it. For this purpose, UEF currently uses the Turnitin plagiarism detection system. The Master's thesis is uploaded for originality verification via Moodle. This process is initiated by the main supervisor of your Master's thesis, who will ask you to upload your thesis to the Turnitin system available on the Moodle course, before submitting it for examination. Once a report from the plagiarism detection system is available and your Master's thesis has been established as complying with the practices of responsible conduct of research, you can submit your thesis for examination.

Master's thesis in the electronic form

The Master's thesis needs to be submitted for examination as a PDF/A file, enabling electronic archiving of the thesis and ensuring that the thesis remains in a readable format also in the future. You need to submit your Master's thesis as a single file, i.e. to include possible appendices in the same PDF/A file as the actual thesis. Assistance in how to create this file is available from Oppari. Instructions on how to create a PDF/A file in Microsoft Word are available also here >>

Thesis submission form

On the form, you are asked to give the following information about your Master's thesis:

  • name of the Master's thesis
  • was the Master's thesis written in collaboration with another author
  • course code of the Master's thesis: this can be found in the Study Guide
  • department/school you are completing the Master's thesis for
  • your campus
  • main supervisor of the Master's thesis
  • degree of publicity of the Master's thesis in the library's publication system

The electronic form will automatically identify you on the basis of your UEFAD username. The link to the form is found in the end of this page. Please read all the instructions first.

Degree of publicity of the Master's thesis

The Master's thesis is a public academic thesis with two possible degrees of publicity. The Master's thesis may also be your first publication. When submitting your Master's thesis, you need to select the degree of publicity from two alternatives. Your thesis will be made electronically available either as

  • as an academic thesis available at the campus library only or
  • as an Open Access academic thesis.

The University of Eastern Finland is committed to the principles of open science and recommends that all Master's theses be published as Open Access publications. Publishing the Master's thesis as an academic thesis available at the campus libraries only is acceptable for a justified reasons only.

Computers for viewing Master's theses available at the campus libraries

Each campus library of the University of Eastern Finland has a computer that provides access to Master's theses that are not available freely in the internet. On these computers, it is possible to take print-outs of theses. This service is subject to a separate fee. All digital copying of theses (available at the campus libraries only) - including copying them on a USB drive  or forwarding them as an attachment - is forbidden.

Open Access theses

Theses available freely in the internet can be downloaded on a personal computer or tablet for offline use. Openly accessible theses can also be printed out. Further information on Open Access publishing is available, e.g. on the library's Open Access -website. By selecting Open Access publishing, you participate in promoting open science.

Master's thesis written in collaboration with another author

If the Master's thesis has been written in collaboration with another author, give the email address of the co-author on the form. After you have submitted the form, the co-author will receive a request of approval to his/her email. The Master's thesis will proceed to examination only if the co-author approves its submission for examination. This is also why it is important to carefully write the details of the co-author.

What is the examination process of the Master's thesis like?

After you have submitted your Master's thesis will begin after a second examiner has been appointed for the thesis. The first examiner is usually the main supervisor. You will receive an email notification when the examination process has been started. The examiners can access your Master's thesis directly via the system. When the head of the department/school has officially appointed the examiners, the student and the examiners will be notified of the matter by email.

Examiners' statements

The examiners are required to issue their written statements in one month of their appointment. The above mentioned deadline does not apply to periods when no teaching is organised in accordance with the Rector's decision, nor to the period from 15 June to 15 August. When he examiners' statements are received by the relevant official, he/she will email the statements to the student in order for the student for commenting. The student is required to express his/her opinion regarding the examiners' statements in two weeks' time.

If the student approves the statements and the proposed grade, the head of the department/school can make a decision on the grade without any delay. if the student is dissatisfied with the proposed grade and wishes to correct the thesis, he/she needs to suspend the Master's thesis process and re-submit the thesis for evaluation provided that at least sections of it have been re-written. It is possible to suspend then process only once.

The examination process of the Master's thesis ends when the head of the department/school has graded the thesis. The decision is sent for the information of the student, and the Master's thesis is entered in the study register. Information on the approval of the Master's thesis and a PDF version of it are automatically sent to the library, where it will be made available in accordance with the degree of publicity you have selected. (NB: Only approved Master's theses are sent to the library for processing.)

Thesis submission form

Log in to the form by using your UEF username and password.

The thesis submission form is available here >>

See also: Instructions for submitting your thesis for examination in Kamu.