Opportunities for Employers

The Finnish-Russian Cross- Border University focuses on close co-operation between education and employer sector, integrating latest knowledge and best practices.

We offer employers possibility to recruit talented students who have the ability to act accross national boundaries in an international and intercultural environment. The CBU can connect you with students studying both in Finland and in Russia.

Forms of Co-operation

Here is how your organization can utilize the expertise and knowledge of the CBU students.


The CBU offers employers the opportunity to recruit students with the latest field specific knowledge and international experience for short periods of internship.

The internship usually lasts for 3 months and takes place during summer time. The CBU can offer you interns studying both in Finland and in Russia. Taking a student for an internship gives the employer an opportunity to recruit possible future employees from a pool of talented international students or to acquire human resources for international projects. An internship also gives the employer the opportunity to start training future employees into specific tasks. We would like that all our students could have the unique opportunity to complete their summer internships in leading international oriented companies in Russia and Finland.

Research Projects

During their studies CBU students are expected to complete various research projects. By involving a CBU student in a research project, the employer can get latest information on a specific topic that is interesting and relevant. The students apply their research skills and up-to-date knowledge in taking a closer look at a research topic that your organization provides.

Thesis topics

The CBU encourages students to co-operate with employers while searching a topic for their Master's thesis. We would also like to encourage employers to approach the CBU Master's Programmes with potential research topics. Every student must write a Master's thesis in order to complete their studies. In their Master's thesis, students present their knowledge in the field they are studying and ability to conduct scientific research.