Forestry - Expertise in renewable natural resources with a strong international focus

This CBU Master's Degree Programme

  • focuses on ecologically, economically and socially sustainable use of natural resources. It is based on high quality and diversified education in forestry and bioenergy, and on high level scientific research in the fields of forest sciences
  • creates capacity and competence to work in the field, as well as to undertake research and to assume various specialist positions in new environments'
  • is recommended for students who are interested in managing and developing the utilisation of forest and bioenergy resources in a sustainable way.


The programme benefits from the strong expertise of its  partner universities in the following fields:

  • Ecology and Forestry
  • Bioenergy Production
  • Forest Resource Management and Planning
  • Forest Economics and Policy
  • Forest Technology

Degrees awarded

One degree of the home university, a diploma supplement and a CBU certificate. If the student is admitted to study in the double degree programmes (UEF and SPSFTU of UEF and MSFU), it is possible to obtain a degree certificate and a diploma supplement from both universities after successful completion of studies.

  • Master of Science (Agriculture and Forestry) at UEF
  • Master of Science at PetrSU
  • Master of Science in Forestry at SPSFTU
  • Master of Science in Forestry at MSFU


Please see the programme website on how and when to apply.

Programme website

Contact information

University of Eastern Finland

Jyrki Kangas, Professor

Dr. Marjoriitta Möttönen, Planning Officer
tel. +358 50 442 3031

University of Eastern Finland
Faculty of Science and Forestry
School of Forest Sciences
P.O. Box 111
FI – 80101 JOENSUU


Petrozavodsk State University

Vadim Kostyukevich, Associate Professor
tel. +7 814 2 563 187
St. Petersburg State Forest Technical Academy

Aleksandr Alekseev, Professor, Vice-Rector
tel. +7 812 550 0253


Moscow State Forest University

Vladimir Nikitin, Professor
tel. +7 498 687 4335