Public Health - International expertise and perspectives to public health

This CBU Master's Degree Programme

  • is designed for students with a prior academic degree in a health-related field who are interested in acquiring more advanced skills in public health
  • examines philosophical, epidemiological, social, behavioural, and environmental aspects of public health
  • prepares graduates to apply a wide range of professional skills and expertise both in Russia and in Finland

This programme is recommended for:

  • individuals working in social and health care at the primary, municipal, regional, or state level, and for employees of social and health insurance services
  • students with career plans in the areas of public health management, planning and research, executing projects and designing programmes related to health care

Courses include, for example:

  • Epidemiology
  • Environmental Health
  • Medical Sociology
  • Health Policy and  Management
  • Public Health Nutrition

Degrees awarded

One degree of the home university,  a diploma supplement and a CBU certificate

  • Master of Health Sciences at UEF
  • Master's Degree at SPSU

Programme website

Contact information

University of Eastern Finland

Jussi Kauhanen, Professor
tel. +358 40 552 5104

Annika Männikkö, Coordinator
tel. +358 40 355 2919

University of Eastern Finland
P.O.Box 1627
FI – 70211, Finland


St. Petersburg State University

Galina Dizhe, Professor
tel. +7 812 328 9667


Petrozavodsk State University

Yuri Lupandin, Professor
tel. +7 8142 781550