Advanced PowerPoint course on 2.6.2017

Advanced PowerPoint course takes place in Joensuu Campus on June 2. 

The School of Computing, University of Eastern Finland (UEF) arranges a course on advanced PowerPoint usage (1 credit points).

Going beyond basic PowerPoint techniques leads to better control over one's slides, and better presence in front of the audience. With perfected slides, you are more confident, and more likely to achieve your purpose: get support, get funding, collaborate with peers, and ultimately widen your circle of influence.

Jean-Luc and Justin Lebrun are trainers with Scientific Reach, an organisation that has helped scientists worldwide perfect their writing and presentation skills over the past 10 years. Justin holds a degree in Arts Management from Lasalle, College of the Arts, and is applying his expertise in visual communication to bridge the communication gap between scientists and their audience. Jean-Luc has managed research programs while working at Apple Computer in its Advanced Technology Research group for over ten years,

Scientists and researchers interested in improving the effectiveness of their presentations, both internally and in front of a public audience.