Scientific Presentation Skills 5-8.6.2017

Scientific Presentation Skills course will take place in Joensuu campus on June 5-8.

The School of Computing, University of Eastern Finland (UEF) arranges a course on scientific presentation skills (2 credit points), given by Jean-Luc Lebrun and Justin Lebrun. The course is meant for PhD students of any faculty. The content is based on the book "When the Scientist Presents", and tackles the three greatest obstacles a presenting scientist faces:

1. Fear
2. An over-technical text-heavy presentation
3. A less-knowledgeable-than-expected audience

Through systematically rooting out what lessens presentation impact, and preparing a live delivery, the presenting scientist acquires confidence in himself, fluidity in speech, and authority when handling questions.

The course is suitable for research managers, researchers, graduates and postgraduates who deliver presentations in the course of their work to convince, motivate, inform, seek collaboration, or secure financial support.

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