Seminar on future innovations for surgical microscopes, operation rooms and training centers on 9.11.2017

The FIRST seminar on 9.11.2017, 12:30-16:00, in Joensuun Tiedepuisto, Joensuu, room TB/248.

FIRST project is an Academy of Finland funded consortium between School of Computing, UEF, and Neurocenter, KYS, where together we investigate future innovations for surgical microscopes, operation rooms and training centers.

Our honored guest speaker is prof. Juha E. Jääskeläinen, MD PhD, Director of Kuopio Neurocenter. We will introduce the innovative technologies for improving microsurgical skills, technologies, and training methods. In following demos and presentations, you will have hands-on experience with cutting edge technologies.

The seminar is open to clinical, academic, business, and public audience for networking and future collaborations.

REGISTRATION: for organizing refreshments that take part during the demonstrations, please reply to by Nov 6, 12:00. Please inform us about your dietary restrictions.

-- seminar program--
12:30 Seminar opening
12:40 Talk: The need for translational research in microsurgical ORs:
Mikael von und zu Fraunberg
13:00 Talk: FIRST things FIRST: Roman Bednarik
13:20 Invited keynote: Juha E. Jääskeläinen
14:15 Demos introductions: Hana Vrzakova, Piotr Bartczak, David Gil de Gómez Pérez, Hoorieh Afkari
14:30 Demos, networking, and refreshment
15:30 Talk: A new innovation platform: the Microsurgical Research & Training Center: Antti-Pekka Elomaa
16:00 Seminar ends