Studies consist of two parts: transferable skills studies and studies in the discipline and field of research. There are no certain mandatory courses, but the study plan must fulfill the below requirements. You can find the exact schedules for courses in WebOodi.

Transferable skills studies, 8-10 ECTS

Transferable skills studies consist of general scientific postgraduate courses that support working in both companies and academic field.

  • Research Ethics (1 ECTS) or other corresponding studies on research ethics (mandatory)
  • Scientific Writing (recommended)
  • Scientific Presentation (recommended)

Studies in the discipline and field of research, 20-22 ECTS

Your supervisor should be the one being able to give you the best recommendations on the exact courses in your research field. The courses must generally be advanced level courses. The following courses are generally recommended to be included into your studies:

  • Research Seminar in a specific area
  • A presentation in a high quality international conference
  • Specialized courses supporting the research work