Development Center for Digital Learning Environments


Digitalization in general and digitalization in schools specifically with Digital Learning Environments are the main trends in development of modern school systems. This project aims at enhancing the development environment for Digital Learning Environments at Joensuu region. Especially as a long term goal this project will establish internationally oriented Development Center for Digital Learning Environments. The working of the Center will be based on the development of learning ecosystem and infrastructure that can be utilized for development purposes. The city of Joensuu will class room environment as a research and development lab for Digital Learning Environments in the new to be constructed schools. This lab will serve for multi-project purposes and is flexible to be modified to different research and development purposes. Outside the research and development work the classrooms will work as ordinary classrooms. The Center will establish connections to the businesses connected to educational technology, both for establishing of new companies and the existing companies in the area. The idea of the Center is to work as a hub of connecting multidisciplinary already existing research and development, e.g. in the fields of ICT, pedagogy, digital games and photonics with the businesses and local schools.


  • City of Joensuu
  • Media Center of Joensuu
  • Joensuun Normaalikoulu Teacher Training School,
  • Arcusys
  • CGI
  • Opinsys
  • Karelia University of Applied Sciences
  • Savonia University of Applied Sciences
  • BEAR
  • Arbonaut
  • Avek
  • Genelec
  • IS-VET
  • Joen Erikoiskaluste
  • Kasauam Education
  • Lekolar
  • Modeo
  • Naava
  • Prcess Genius
  • Sensire
  • Taiga
  • Valoparta
  • Woodi


European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), 253 103€, 2016-2018

Project website


Prof. Markku Tukiainen, markku.tukiainen(at)