Game Brewery - Joensuu


The goal of the project is to create new education models and improve the co-operation of game industry and game education by setting up a game lab environment for game students and teachers in Joensuu Science park to improve game development skills, business skills and marketing skills. The goal of the project is also to establish incubator and accelerator functions by extensive cooperation between different Finnish regions.

Game Brewery aims at:

  • to train the students of the area to be entrepreneurs or quality workers for the game industry
  • to use project based learning methods to train more qualified labour for the needs of the game industry
  •  developing the incubator and accelerator functions in co-operation with Joensuu Science Park existing incubator functions
  • sharing good practices between different developers and stakeholders
  • identifying and contacting international and domestic public and private financial instruments that are suitable for game companies
  • creating a framework for giving advice on finance to the game companies
  • developing the expertise of the games industry, taking into account the needs of the companies and teams that are in different stages of business
  • marketing the game industry community, its affiliated companies and teams as well as other stakeholders or organisations

Different provinces have previously been doing partially overlapping development activities, in which case the total benefit achieved has inevitably been smaller than what could have been achieved with the invested resources. The project reduces overlap between these activities and achieves significant synergy benefits. In addition, the provinces are able to share information and good practices related to different development activities and their results, which further improves the nationwide outcome.


European Social Fund, 123 549€, 2015-2018


  • Joensuu Science Park
  • North Karelia Municipal Education and Training Consortium
  • Joensuu Games Coop
  • House Marque
  • Mental Moustache

Project website (in Finnish)


Prof. Markku Tukiainen, markku.tukiainen(at)