Several articles from the edTech group accepted to the AFRICON 2017 conference

The following articles have been accepted for presentation and evantually for publication in the IEEE AFRICON 2017 conferece.

  1. Technologies for Informal Workers in Sub-Saharan Africa: Systematic Review and Analysis by Nasibu Rajabu Mramba, Joel Rumanyika, Mikko Apiola & Jarkko Suhonen
  2. Mobile Training in Micro Business: Design Science Research for Frugal Innovation by William Clifford Gomera, George S. Oreku, Mikko Apiola & Jarkko Suhonen
  3. Mobile Technology for Women Entrepreneurs in Iringa, Tanzania: User requirements and Architectural Design by Alsen Florian Kapinga, Calkin Suero Montero & Esther Rosinner Mbise.
  4. Towards a Mobile Education Tool for Higher Education Teachers: A User Requirements Definition by Godfrey Isaac Mwandosya & Calkin Suero Montero.
  5. Exploring Students and Teachers Activities, Experiences and Impact of Opon Imo Mobile Learning Devices on Teaching and Learning by Ismaila T. Sanusi, Solomon S. Oyelere, Jarkko Suhonen, Sunday A. Olaleye & Adekunle O. Otunla
  6. Mobile Application for Pre-Screening of Ebola Virus Disease by Solomon S. Oyelere, Danjuma K. Joro, Sunday A. Olaleye & Elisha O. Sunday
  7. Users Experiences of Mobile Money in Nigeria  by Sunday A. Olaleye, Ismaila T. Sanusi & Solomon S. Oyelere
  8. A Collaborative Approach for Local Training on Contemporary Mobile Technologies in Eritrea by Edward Mutafunga, Jyri Hämäläinen, Samuel Tewelde, Rediet Kifle, Teklay Tesfazghi, Andrés Moreno, Marcus Duveskog & Ilkka Jormanainen.


EDTECH // Transforming Strengths into Realities...

The edTech research group at the School of Computing, University of Eastern Finland, designs, carries out research and develops solutions for learning and development in a digitalized society. Our research involves studies of tools and models for computational thinking, digitalization, computing education and human language technologies, as well as inventing digital solutions for tackling societal challenges together with learners, teachers, companies, parents and other stakeholders.

Our R&D projects have been funded by prominent governmental, academic and commercial organizations such as the Academy of Finland, the European Commission, the European Social Fund, the National Technology Agency of Finland, and Finland's Slot Machine Association.

An important aspect of our research activities is the IMPDET online doctoral study programme, which provides doctoral training around the globe. We have also launched a doctoral training hub at the College of Business Education in Tanzania for providing local support and guidance to edTech doctoral students based in Tanzania.


edTech in numbers - January 2020

Senior researchers 6
Doctoral students (19 different nationalities)


Doctoral graduates (2005 onwards) 25
R&D projects (2006 onwards) >20
Total amount of external funding > 7 M€
Publications (2001-current) > 400