– ICT for a Brighter Future –  Present Solutions to Pressing Problems: Case LAC-EU

National Institute for Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics (INAOE)
Luis Enrique Erro No. 1, Santa Maria Tonantzintla, Puebla, CP 72840 Mexico

8 – 9 October 2015

This workshop will gather experts in the fields of ICT for computational analysis of language and visual data analysis e.g., images or video. By combining both sources of information the aim is to leverage the analysis of the vast amount of data contained in information sources such as the social networks, where visual and written content is heavily present, e.g., twitter, facebook, youtube. Uncovering patterns, trends, sentiments or unusual data in visual and written form, can enable the identification of potential criminal activities and behaviours including the detection of pedophiles in chat rooms, alongside the monitoring  of emerging conflicts, riots or accidents, and  the awareness of epidemic outbreak, to name some practical examples.

The event not only will boost the networking in between the LAC and EU institutions, it will also help to share key ideas and to plan concrete strategies  in order to address the challenges mentioned above. The outcome of the workshop session will lead without doubt to establish the basis for what may become concrete feasible grant proposals at the local level, which is something valued and constantly sought by the LAC institution (INAOE), as much as the international level e.g., Horizon 2020.


  • Highlighting the social challenges that affect LAC region that could be approach through ICT solutions.
  • Providing a networking space for interested researchers from both LAC and EU regions to match up for concrete EU funding (e.g., Horizon 2020) and LAC local government fund (e.g., Mx scholarship) applications.
  • Promoting the creation of EU-LAC project consortia

Target Audience

The event is targeted to academics (EU and LAC) and industry (LAC) people interested in participating in the development of ICT for societal challenges project consortia.


Two days workshop during which local and international researchers and academics will share their ideas for collaboration. The workshop will have speakers from University of Oulu, University of Jyväskylä and University of Eastern Finland, Finland as well as the National Institute of Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics (INAOE), Mexico. The workshop will also see the participation of speakers from the LEADERSHIP Project (http://www.leadershipproject.eu/).

Detailed agenda TBA.


4500€ FinCEAL+  Project

Contact Information

Dr. Calkin Suero Montero (University of Eastern Finland, main organizer) calkins (at) uef (dot) fi

Dr. José Martinez Carranza (INAOE, local organizer, Mexico) carranza (at) inaoep (dot) mx