Garage Computing: North-South-South Exchange Programme


The Garage Computing idea refers to the concept of creating new ICT products, services and applications based on local innovative initiatives, which are often results of creative, self-determined and visionary efforts of individuals or groups of individuals. The aim of the Garage Computing project is to further define, elaborate and conceptualise the Garage Computing concept for development. The project also aims to enrich the current ICT education of the partner institutions according to the principles of the Garage Computing.

The outcomes of the project are:

1. Enhanced students' and teachers' competences and attitudes towards local innovations
2. Increased know-how and expertise in the field of ICT for Development
3. Supporting the capacity building in ICT for Development education and research
4. Promoting conspicuousness of Finnish innovations and applications in ICT4D in Southern partners
5. Provided new possibilities for similar kind of cooperation, twinning and/or education; spin-offs for other initiatives in different parts of the world


  • Makere University Business School, Uganda;
  • Nong Lam  University, Vietnam;
  • North-West University, South Africa;
  • Purbanchal University, Nepal;
  • Tumaini University, Iringa University College,Tanzania;
  • University of Helsinki, Finland.


Center of International Mobility (CIMO), 81400€, 2011-2013.


Jarkko Suhonen,