Business Informatics on the Ground (2014-2015)



The Business Informatics on the Ground (BIG) project aims to set up a sustainable learning environment where participants of the network learn to design and apply mobile technologies, including games, for practical business uses in the context of emerging economies. A key component of the design process is to collect real life design stories related to good practices and lessons learned of various business informatics projects emerging in different contexts. A concrete example of a BIG initiative is a street business school, where street vendors are trained to use mobile technologies in their daily lives. The approach used in the street business school is a living lab approach where the vendors, students, researchers and designers of technologies work in close collaboration.


College of Business Education, Tanzania;
Makerere University Business School, Uganda;
Nong Lam University, Vietnam;
North-West University, South Africa;
University of Helsinki, Finland;
University of Iringa, Tanzania


  • Follow Paula Lehtola's blog on her three month student exchange period in Vietnam:
  • Mr. Tapani Toivonen selected for a student exchange from UEF to University of Iringa
  • Three teacher exchcange visit in Joensuu during March 23-April 1, 2015. Mr. Fredrick Ngumbuke from University of Iringa, Mr. Nasibu Rajabu Mramba from College of Business Education and Ms. Samali Mlay from Makerere University Business School.
  • North-South-South Business Informatics on the Ground Intensive Course: BIG Challenge, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, April 13-17, 2015
  • Three exchange student studying at Joensuu, September-November 2015 from Vietnam, Tanzania and South Africa.
  • Mr. Jesse Tulilahti selected for a student exchange from UEF to College of Business Education, Dodoma Campus
  • Dissemination event of the Business Informatics on the Ground -project will be organised by Makerere University of Business School, Kampala, Uganda, October 22, 2015.
  • Three teacher exchanges from Finland to Southern partners in Autumn 2015: Dr. Calkin Suero Montero from UEF visting MUBS in Uganda, Prof. Markku Tukiainen from UEF visiting CBE in Tanzania and Dr. Tomi Pasanen from University of Helsinki visiting North-West University in South Africa.
  • North-West University and edTech group jointly organise a mini-course: The use of technology in classroom: The benefits of blended learning. The course instructor of the course is Veruschka Pelser-Carstens from North-West University as part of BIG project teacher exchange. The course will start on Tuesday, November 24, 2015.
  • Teacher exchange from CBE to Finland, Godfrey Mwandosya, December 7-17, 2015. Two activities related to Mr. Mwandosya's visit:


North South South programme, Center of International Mobility (CIMO), 87000 €.