Collaborative virtual environment for development and sharing of educational materials among folk high schools (2013-2014)


The project aims to set up a collaborative virtual environment which is used to develop and share educational material within and between five collaborating folk high schools located in different parts of Finland. The first step of the multi-part project is to gather the needs of end users, that is the teachers and developers of educational material, from the practical user point of view. As an example, the users may suggest requirements such as collaborative development and distribution of study plans and course material. As a second step, the project evaluates existing software tools in order to suggest multiple alternative tool sets for the implementation of the environment. Further steps contain selection and customization of the tools, piloting the system and end user training.


Lieksa Christian Folk High School (co-ordinator)

edTech group, School of Computing, UEF

Eurajoki Christian Folk High School

Kainuu College

Lapua Christian Institute

Valkeala Christian Folk High School



Rector Petri Pehkonen (petri.pehkonen at,

Dr. Jarkko Suhonen (jarkko.suhonen at