Forestry Education in Venezuela: Capacity Building in La Universidad de los Andes (2013-2015)


Forests are important providers of a wide range of benefits, such as biodiversity conservation, livelihood, water supply, climate regulation, etc.; however, they have been increasingly affected, among other things, by population growth and resources demand. This can be reflected, for instance, in the net change of forest area (-5.2 million ha/year) as estimated during the last decade by FAO (2012). The global concern arisen from the forest loss motivated one of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDG, Goal 7), aiming to ensure environmental sustainability. Thus, the implementation of new forest policies and adaptation of a new curricula of higher education in forestry to the new world's demands, are essential for a sustainable management of forest resources.

This project is seeking solution to the above problem by enhancing and improving the curriculum of the University of the Andes. Overall Objective is to promote socio-economic development and sustainable forest management in Venezuela through strengthening the human and institutional capacity of forestry education in the country.   Capacity building of forestry education at University of the Andes utilizing the expertise from University of Eastern Finland regarding forestry education and ICTs, through i) curricula development, ii) improvement of pedagogical practices and educational materials, iii) support and training on the use of ICT, and iv) strengthening rural development and environment-related issues in forestry education.  

The expected contributions of the project are:

- Improvement and development of pedagogical practices and educational materials
- Revision of the current curricula and development of a new one, including more environmentally oriented subjects 
- Revision of the current situation regarding ICT in forestry education, support and training on its uses 
- Enhance awareness related to optimal quality assurance systems for education
- Strengthening rural development through the inclusion of local communities in forestry education and practices 
- Improving the reputation and attractiveness of environmental and forestry-related studies at different levels of education 

University of Eastern Finland (School of Forest Sciences and School of Computing)

Universidad de los Andes, Venezuela.


HEI-ICI funding instrument of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 138 000€, 2013-2015.


Dr. Calkin Suero Montero, calkins at

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