Digital storytelling and theater performance with educational robotics (2014-2015)


Theater robotics refers to educational robotics where students design and pro-gram robots that perform an interactive play, controllable by the audience, i.e. a group of students. In that way, theater robotics is a natural framework for a pedagogical situation that combines diverse disciplines: creating robots, devising the interactive storyboard and programming the actions requires arts, handcrafting, writing, ICT, all supported by a creative learning milieu (Duveskog et al., 2013).

In this project, we design and implement RobotStory learning environment. The RobotStory will be a low-cost tablet-based working environment that contains a basic robotics set with necessary hardware, and a scripting / programming environment for the robots. The software will run on Android tablets to make the environment flexible and affordable for schools.


edTech, University of Eastern Finland

Joensuu Science Society


The project is funded by "Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation" with 60 000 €


Ilkka Jormanainen, firstname.lastname @