Antti Sallinen

MSc Antti Sallinen has graduated from the University of Helsinki, and he is now a PhD student at the University of Eastern Finland. Theme for his research is the state and recent changes of undrained boreal peatlands. His research interests include peatlands, environmental change, remote sensing, and GIS. Antti has funding from the Finnish Cultural Foundation’s Kainuu Regional fund, and he is working as a visiting scientist in the Finnish Environment Institute’s Friendship park research center.

Project: Ecosystem shift potential of northern mires in response to hydrological change (SHIFTMIRE; Academy of Finland; leader Teemu Tahvanainen)


Latest publications:

Sallinen, A. 2015. Opas soiden ennallistamiseen ja syvällisempään ymmärtämiseen. Terra 127 (4), 214–215. [abook review]

Sallinen, A. 2014. Punassuolta Linturahkalle – Suoseuran 65-vuotisjuhlaretkeily 8.–9.9.2014. Suo 65 (2), 63–69. [excursion report]