Markku Tykkyläinen

The academic of background of Professor Markku Tykkyläinen is in geography (especially in planning and economic geography) and economics. He is specialized in modeling, statistical analysis and geospatial analysis of geographical phenomena and processes. Moreover, case study research of emerging socioeconomic events and processes is in his field of proficiency. His methodological expertise is in economic geographical analyses, health geography, input-output models, economic-environmental and resource use models, simulation models, network analysis, systems analysis, and methods and studies related to do case study research in uncertain socio-economic environments.


Latest publications:

Rautiainen Simo & Tykkyläinen Markku (2017). Measuring the disadvantages of accessibility and remoteness caused by water bodies for policy purposes 10/2017. At: Turku, Finland, Conference: Annual Meeting of Finnish Geographers, DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.15318.75844

Lehtonen, Olli & Tykkyläinen, Markku (2017).  Path dependence in net migration during the ICT boom and two other growth periods: The case of Finland, 1980-2013. Journal of Evolutionary Economics. Accepted, online version available.

Lehtonen, Olli & Tykkyläinen, Markku (2017). Similarity of the Spatial Patterns of Net Migration and Unemployment in Finland. Chand, R., Nel, E., & Stanko, P. (eds). Societies, Social Inequalities and Marginalization. Perspectives on Geographical Marginality 235-254. Springer.

Jasinevičius, Gediminas, Lindner, Marcus, Cienciala, Emil & Tykkyläinen, Markku (2016). Carbon Accounting in Harvested Wood Products: Assessment Using Material Flow Analysis Resulting in Larger Pools Compared to the IPCC Default Method. Journal of Industrial Ecology. doi:10.1111/jiec.12538.

Tykkyläinen, Markku, Vatanen, Eero, Halonen, Maija & Kotilainen, Juha (2016). Global-Local Links and Industrial Restructuring in a Resource Town in Finland. The Case of Lieksa, Halseth, Greg (ed.): Transformation of Resource Town and Peripheries, 85-111. Routledge, London and New York.