Timo Kumpula

Associate Professor, Dr. Timo Kumpula has extensive experience in studying the Arctic environment and social-ecological systems utilising remote sensing and Geoinformatics (GIS, remote sensing) methods. His current research focus on land use and land cover changes in the Arctic. He is a co-investigator in NASA's  Land-Cover and Land-Use Change (LCLUC) Programproject: Yamal LCLUC Synthesis: A synthesis of remote-sensing studies, ground observations and modeling to understand the social-ecological consequences of climate change and resource development on the Yamal Peninsula, Russia and relevance to the circumpolar Arctic. “http://lcluc.umd.edu/” (2014-2017).

Fields of speciality:  Land use and land cover change, Remote sensing, UAS, Arctic, Subarctic and Boreal zone.

Timo is a leader of "Improved Earth Observation techniques" working package in funded by the The Strategic Research Council (SRC) project - Integrated Biodiversity Conservation and Carbon Sequestration in the Changing Environment (IBC-CARBON).

Also Timo is responsible for the remote sensing part in the project funded by Academy of Finland "Ecosystem shift potential of northern mires in response to hydrological change (SHIFTMIRE) (leader Teemu Tahvanainen, UEF).

Researchgate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Timo_Kumpula

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