Promoting youth career awareness and aspirations- conference, 10-12th September in Joensuu

MultiCO Final conference 10-12 September 2018

Venue: University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu Campus, Finland

Thank you all conference participants, you made our conference especially interesting! 

Conference programme

Map of Joensuu city centre with conference venues and suggested hotels.

July 2018

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February 2018

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September 2017

The consortium gathered to the beautiful Bonn in September. Great facilities and friendly people made the meeting successful. With the final year of MultiCO starting, the consortium feels confident to finalise the studies.


August 2017

MultiCO-consortium attended European Science Education Research Association ESERA 2017 Conference in Dublin Ireland in August. The MultiCO-symposium under title Promoting Youth Career Awareness and Its Attractiveness Through Multi-Stakeholder Co-Operation- The MultiCO Project was chaired by coordinator Tuula Keinonen and the discussant was Eleni Kyza from Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus.

Presentations in MultiCO-symposium:

MultiCO project and its conceptual framework

Tuula Keinonen UEF, Shirley Simon UCL, John Connolly UCL, Irene Drymiotou UCY, Miia Rannikmäe UT, Annette Scheersoi UBO

Interest in science-measurement and some surprising findings 

Jonathan Hense UBO, Lara Weiser UBO, Annette Scheersoi UBO, Irene Drymiotou UCY, Tormi Kotkas UT, Jingoo Kang UEF, Inês Direito UCL

Using scenarios to enhance students' interest in science and promote career awareness

Irene Drymiotou UCY, Nikos Papadouris UCY, Costas Constantinou UCY

Evaluation of student motivational, career-related contaxt-based scenarios

Miia Rannikmäe UT, Regina Soobard UT, Jack Holbrook UT, Irene Drymiotou UCY, Jingoo Kang UEF, Lara Weiser UBO, Inês Direito UCL

In addition to the symposium, results from MultiCO-project were presented in an oral presentation Students' perceptions of working life skills in the UK, Finland and Germany by Anssi Salonen UEF, Anu Hartikainen-Ahia UEF, Tuula Keinonen UEF, Inês Direito UCL, Lara Weiser UBO, Annette Scheersoi UBO, Jonathan Hense UBO

July 2017

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April 2017

MultiCO supports SciChallenge, a European-wide contest for young people, who are excited about NATURAL SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING or MATHEMATICS

See more and submit your poster, presentation or video by 15th of May 2017!


February 2017

4th Project Meeting in Nicosia was held 16. and 17. February 2017


Newsletter 1

November 2016

Project Coordinator Tuula Keinonen presented Responsible Research and Innovation aspects of MultiCO in RRI Tools Final Conference and Ceremony of the European Foundations Award for Responsible Research and Innovation, held in Brussels, 21.-22.11.2016


September 2016

MultiCO-project's results on students' perceptions on working life skills were presented at ECRICE 2016 conference, 13th European Conference on Research in Chemical Education. Presentation held by Tuula Keinonen.

Presentation on Secondary school students' perceptions of working life skills in science-related careers.

July 2016

The 3rd Project meeting brought the consortium to Tartu 6.-7.7.2016


July 2016

MultiCO-project organised a logo competition for students. The winning logo was edited and will from now on be used in all MultiCO-related communication and dissemination materials. Top three logos were designed by

1) Anna Frentzen, Germany

2) Anna Schnabel, Germany and Erato Athanasiou, Cyprus


1st Press Release, March 2016


February 2016

2nd project meeting was held in London 18.-19.2.2016.


September 2015

Kick-off-meeting in Joensuu 24.-25.9.2016