Promoting Youth Scientific Career Awareness and its Attractiveness through Multi-stakeholder Cooperation -MultiCO

MultiCO is a project funded by the European Commission. It includes partners working together from five countries: UK, Finland, Estonia, Germany and Cyprus. Our main aim is to promote the awareness of a range of careers for all young people that involve scientific skills. Initially we are working with partners in industry, business and professions to establish ‘stories' from those in work, in order to create interesting scenarios that can be linked to curriculum topics and presented to students in lessons. The aim is to stimulate students' engagement in science learning through the use of scenarios and at the same time raise their awareness and interest in career paths that involve science. In addition we plan to work with teachers, parents and students themselves to incorporate their ideas in the design of scenarios, so that these are relevant to students from different cultures and communities. This is an important project to widen the opportunities for students and advance their understanding of science and possible careers.

The project started in August 2015 and ended in November 2018.