WP1 Management

Work package 1 (leader UEF) covers management of the project, project evaluation, financial auditing and partner co-operation.  This WP is active for the whole duration of the project and responsibility for it lies with the Coordinator. The WP aims to efficiently manage the research project to assure; on-time delivery of the project outcomes according to the work plan; organizational and operational issues that may arise are effectively addressed; close coordination with the European Commission is maintained. Work on this WP is undertaken in an integrated manner within its schedule and budget. The management is guided to meet high research, scientific, technological and stakeholders' expectations.

The work package is concerned with the following objectives:

-    Achievement of the overall project objectives on time and within the budget.
-    Continuous quality assurance activities for the operation of the project and the production of its scientific and technical results within its lifespan, including external evaluation of how the project progresses.
-    Auditing of project for verifying of good financial practices.
-    Establishing risk contingency and conflict resolution procedures    
-    Development of a shared strategy for co-operation with clear roles, transparent decision-making processes, support between partners and the European Commission and the building up of teamwork.
-    Effective management of knowledge and enhancing synergies among the project members.