WP2 Conceptual framework

This WP (leader UCL IOE) aims to define a clear and detailed conceptual framework comprising of the issues related to motivate students towards science education and the factors to be addressed in all subsequent stages of the research. This is achieved initially by extensive meta-analysis of the literature at the beginning of the project.  The analysis establishes criteria for comprehensively and consistently coverage of all aspects determined as relevant to the concepts mentioned in the project, (mainly including: interest, motivation, relevance, attractiveness, scenarios, careers, study choices in science education). The plausibility of the conceptual framework is discussed and enriched through focus group discussions by personnel from industry.

Issues of particular interest to the development of the conceptual framework are recognised as:

-    Definitions and aspects of interest, motivation, relevance, attitudes
-    The diversity and dominance of societally-oriented teaching approaches, context-based teaching
-    Issues indicated by stakeholders, science education literature and career presentation documents.