WP3 Developing and Analysing Career-based Scenarios

This WP (leader UT) aims to create a selection of career-based, science-related scenarios to be used in teaching as case studies, and to examine students' perceptions on teaching stimulated by these scenarios. The scenarios are based on science-related careers, mainly in fields related to Europe areas of challenge e.g. energy, water, waste, climate change, food, health and transport. These issues are interdisciplinary and included in European curricula in secondary school.

The scenarios aim to present, in a Responsible Research and Innovation context, careers and scientists in multiple ways (virtual scenarios, games for role taking, pictures, texts, videos, visits etc.) promoting multi-literacy. Scenarios are intended to initiate the learning process, to be followed-up by science-driven inquiries and possible socio-scientific decision-making. The learning process is planned to develop students' collaboration, creativity and reasoning. The scenarios not only point out science knowledge, but highlight key skills required in working life or careers. The scenarios also guide participation activities during the learning process; visits outside school, participation in socio-scientific decision making, expressing opinions through civil society organisations, or the media etc.