WP4 Intervention Studies in Secondary Schools

This WP (leader UCL IOE) aims to achieve detailed, research-based evidence on the impact of science studies, based on career-based scenarios, which are followed-up by student involved science inquiries. Especially important are underlying reasons for the impact of this approach on student interest in science studies. Within the WP learning environments are created, related to the topics of WP3 implemented, using the corresponding scenarios during secondary school science teaching. Each consortium member arranges 5 teaching interventions to the same classes in the following five terms and studies the impact of these interventions: students' perceptions of scientific careers, students' experiences, teachers' experiences, students' science activities outside school (hobbies, participation in clubs etc.) and other issues determined in an elaborated framework for the research put forwards by stakeholders.

Evaluation of practices is undertaken through using validated questionnaires, interviews, focus group discussions, narratives and observations. Existing resources e.g. SCIENTIX are utilised in creating suitable learning environments, as appropriate. The expertise of student counsellors and personnel from industry is incorporated and co-operation with industry enhanced in guiding the planning of the interventions. A special research focus is students' experiences gained in the intervention learning process. This WP includes development and application of an intensive training programme within the consortium, enabling staff conducting research activities to undertake this in a consistent, reliable manner in full compliance with the methodology and instruments developed within the project.