WP6 Dissemination

This WP (leader UCY) aims to disseminate the outcomes of the project; to manage project knowledge and intellectual property rights (IPR); to increase the project partners' and other relevant actors' awareness, knowledge and abilities to adapt, utilize and further develop the concepts and methods; and to establish continuity for the research undertaken with in the project. The project partners seek to exploit the research findings in their teacher education programmes.

The aim is also to disseminate the results of the research (WPs 2-5) in research journals at the European, national and institutional level; to make the results easily available not only to the educational research community but also to policy-makers and other stakeholders, particularly teacher training policy-makers and institutions. Building on the work of research outcomes in previous WPs, the outputs in this WP are synthesised into an accessible Final Report on Career-based Scenarios and their impact on the students' learning process.