Pre-conferences 20.11.

FinEd 2019

The Finnish Multidisciplinary Doctoral Training Network on Educational Sciences (FinEd) organizes a pre-conference in Metria building at UEF campus, at 10:00 - 19:00. More information on the network's website.

Enhancing digi-pedagogical skills of higher education staff and change of learning environments

Erkko Sointu University of Eastern Finland (UEF), Laura Hirsto UEF/University of Helsinki and Mari Murtonen Tampere University (TUNI)

To facilitate meeting the requirements of 21st century student-centered learning, it is important to strengthen higher education teachers' digi-pedagogical skills. This includes the development of pedagogical thinking, technical infrastructures and learning environments. Importantly, any development needs to be based on rigorous assessment and research. This FERA pre-conference explores and outlines a wide array of research and practices around digi-pedagogical learning. The program consists of an invited presentation and sessions of scientific presentations. The pre-conference is arranged by Flipped Learning (Digipeda) -project of UEF as part of the key project funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture.


UniPID pre-conference: Changing Landscapes in Education Development Cooperation

12:00 -16:00 Futura building (F101)

Elina Lehtomäki, University of Oulu and Minna Hakkarainen, University of Helsinki

The crisis of quality learning especially in the Global South has, in recent years, reached an alarming level as reported by multinational development donors such as Unesco and the World Bank. To respond to the global learning crisis, the joint proposal by the Finnish ministries and a wide stakeholder community, recommends strategic leadership, cooperation among stakeholders, and knowledge of the local context. UniPID is a network of Finnish universities supports interdisciplinary studies, research and partnerships related to global sustainable development. More information on the network

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