Digital tourism business

Digital business research in Centre for Tourism Studies eTourism expertise in the Centre for Tourism Studies is focused on teaching and researching eTourism business, Internet marketing and technologies for tourism and leisure.

In eTourism business the main emphasis is on information channel management consisting of customer segmentation, social media monitoring and management, eTourism business in SMTEs, and utilization of mobile technologies in tourism. The competence in technologies is best expressed in regional data warehousing for tourism, which is a national electronic databank for the tourism industry. One of the activities is to develop an electronic research database/web service in the field of tourism and leisure (in Finnish only: gathers news, research results and information on tourism specialists, conferences as well as working opportunities in one place. Registered users can also join the community where they can join the conversation and take part in the knowledge building of the service.

Expertise in eTourism business is also demonstrated in education. Lectures in the topic are given annually to the students of the Finnish University Network for Tourism Studies.
Our main partners in eTourism business research are International Federation for Information Technologies in Travel and Tourism (IFITT) and Centre of Expertise in tourism and experience management.