Creating innovative concepts for Dutch wellness centres. An international project 2011 – 2013 initiated by the University of Inholland, Amsterdam/Diemen, The Netherlands


Dutch Spa and Wellness Association, Thermal and Beauty Group, Exercise Connexion Europe, Living Well, Hidden Profits, Total Wellness, Wellness Stars, Healing Hotels of the World, University of Eastern Finland and University of Inholland. Under graduate students and research fellows will carry out the researches.


Wellness is a worldwide development that can be considered as a reflection of the fact that an increasing number of people are taking their self responsibility in maintaining and creating a healthy balance between body and mind, work and leisure. Worldwide the growing wellness industry is one of the biggest leisure industries and is estimated to represent nearly $2 trillion dollar globally.


The wellness centres in The Netherlands are mainly focused on relaxing and pampering the client. But why not offer them lifestyle programs in the same surrounding, new products and services that we call: preventive wellness? The Dutch wellness managers would like to have a better insight in the success factors of leading wellness countries, such as Germany and Austria. Besides that, The Netherlands want to learn from countries like Finland, that are maybe not very known for their wellness offer, but nevertheless want to define their unique selling points within this industry. Researchers of the UEF have created the concept of Nordic Wellbeing, they worked together with SME’s and partners like the Finnish Tourism Board. The UEF will share their knowledge and experiences within this project.


The project is built around four phases:

  • SWOT of The Netherlands as a preventive wellness country and developing Evidence Based Research Methods.
  • Field trip to Germany and Austria and visit our partners of Wellness Stars and Healing Hotels of the World.
  • Defining customer profiles and continuing of Evidence Based Research.
  • Creating new Product Management Concepts that can be implemented in Dutch wellness centres. The University of Inholland also would like integrate the project results into new educational programs on spa and wellness management.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT: Anja.Tuohino (at) | Roos.Gerritsma (at) (project leader)