The Sixth International Workshop on Nanocarbon Photonics and Optoelectronics (NPO2017) will be held on 19-24 March 2017 at Krasnaya Polyana resort, Sochi, Russia in the hotel "Golden Tulip Rosa Khutor".

Both fundamental and application problems related to the photonic and optoelectronic applications of nanocarbon materials have recently attracted the attention of research community worldwide. The NPO2017 is the sixth workshop in a series of meetings devoted to progress in this field. The Workshop will be focused on photonics and optoelectronics of graphene and other two-dimensional materials, topological insulators, carbon nanotubes and nanodiamonds. The NPO2017 are organized on the initiative and with the financial support of the Russian Science Foundation (the project 15-12-30041). The co-founders of the workshop are University of Eastern Finland, A.M. Prokhorov General Physics Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University and the National Research Nuclear University "MEPhI".

The Workshop venue is situated in Krasnaya Polyana, the Winter Olympics 2014 snow events cluster located 50 km from Sochi at the Aibga Ridge of the Western Caucasus. The NPO2017 will be devoted to advances in the field of nanocarbon photonics and optoelectronics.


The workshop includes the invited lectures, oral and poster presentations devoted to different nanocarbon and 2D materials. The presentations will be distributed in modules beginning from synthesis and characterization of structural, optical and electronic properties of these materials to their application in photonic and electronic devices.

NPO2017 Proceedings