SkiLLfie tools for the recognition of skills and competences 

SkiLLfie is a toolset with which the understanding of one's own skills and possibilities can be increased. It helps to evaluate strengths and clarify one's possibilities to learn more. It also helps to find words to describe one's skills more surely, for example, in a CV or at a job interview. Tools can be used in different language versions either as electronic or paper forms, or as a SkiLLfie Android mobile application.  


Four different SkiLLfie tools:

1. Known skills. List things you know and like to do. That is a good way to start!

2. Table of skills. Survey and evaluate your level in different skills as well as your interest in learning more about them.

3. Skills and competences in a CV. Update your CV with your concrete skills, not just with a list of your degrees, courses and work experience. You may have more to give than you even think!

4. Development and use of one's own skills. Find out how you could develop and use your skills and competences. What skills are missing, what possibilities do your skills give you right now and what skills have currently no use to you?


Four different options:

You can utilise the tools at least in four different ways:

A) SkiLLfie -mobile application (Android)  can be downloaded from Google Play Store in Finnish and in English. The language selection of the application depends on the mobile phone settings. Download is also possible via this direct link: Your responses are only stored in your own phone. You can also save or print them in a PDF format.

B) Interactive PDF form packages in Finnish and in English can be filled in online. They can also be saved and, if wished, printed as a SkiLLfie notebook of one's own skills.

C) Pen and paper. Forms can also be printed and filled in by hand. Currently, the forms in Arabic, Dari and Somali only work this way. All forms in all languages can also be separately downloaded below!

D) Discussion. You can also ask someone to discuss the tool questions with you. Could, for example, your friend, spouse or tutor discuss questions of some forms with you? Or would you like to discuss skills and competences in a group, for example, in a club or at integration classes?


Use of the tools:

SkiLLfie tools contain a lot of questions. They cannot be answered quickly at once. The best way to use the tools is to go through them gradually with time and supplement one's answers. The tools are meant to support and stimulate one's own thoughts.

You can use either all tools together or just one tool most suitable for your situation. For the sake of clarity, the tools are colour-coded, which means that each tool has its own colour. If you use all tools, it is recommended to use them in the numbered order.


Download the tools:

SkiLLfie tools as interactive PDF forms, instructions and a list of tips in Finnish and in English:




Individually printed SkiLLfie forms, instructions and a list of tips in Finnish:


1 Tuttu osaaminen_FI.pdf

1 Tuttu osaaminen_FI.docx

2 Osaamistaulukko_FI.pdf

2 Osaamistaulukko_FI.docx 

3 Osaaminen ansioluetteloon_FI.pdf

3 Osaaminen ansioluetteloon_FI.docx 

4 Oman osaamisen kehittäminen ja käyttö_FI.pdf 

4 Oman osaamisen kehittäminen ja käyttö_FI.docx 



Individually printed SkiLLfie forms, instructions and a list of tips in English:


1 Identified own skills_EN.pdf

1 Identified own skills_EN.docx

2 Skills grid_EN.pdf 

2 Skills grid_EN.docx

3 Skills for CV_EN.pdf

3 Skills for CV_EN.docx

4 Development and use_EN.pdf 

4 Development and use_EN.docx



Individually printed SkiLLfie forms in Arabic:

1 Tuttu osaaminen_AR.pdf

2 Osaamistaulukko_AR.pdf

3 Osaaminen ansioluetteloon_AR.pdf

4 Oman osaamisen kehittäminen ja käyttö_AR.pdf


Individually printed SkiLLfie forms in Dari:

1 Tuttu osaaminen_DA.pdf

2 Osaamistaulukko_DA.pdf

3 Osaaminen ansioluetteloon_DA.pdf

4 Oman osaamisen kehittäminen ja käyttö_DA.pdf


Individually printed SkiLLfie forms in Somali

1 Tuttu osaaminen_SO.pdf

2 Osaamistaulukko_SO.pdf

3 Osaaminen ansioluetteloon_SO.pdf

4 Oman osaamisen kehittäminen ja käyttö_SO.pdf

PS 1. If you rather showed your skills, #skillfie picture frame is available for Facebook users. It can be used for the finalisation of one's own skills pictures. The frame is available at

PS 2. As one's own skills can be used, added and developed in different organisations and hobbies, we have also compiled a list of tips for the future. The list contains tips on courses, hobbies and voluntary work. (N.B.! See also a printable version of the national list of tips and of the local list of tips in Joensuu region.)

See also support materials for the use of SkiLLfie tools at /en/web/opinsauna/skillfie_vinkit.