Workshop agenda Sep 1−4 2015, Helsinki, Finland

Tuesday, 1. Sep

19:00 Ice Breaker at Natural History Museum (Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 13)

Wednesday, 2. Sep

Workshop will be held at WWF FINLAND (Lintulahdenkatu 10)
9:00–9:20 Mervi Kunnasranta (Univ. of Eastern Finland): Welcome and introduction
9:20–9:35 Jari Luukkonen (WWF Finland)
9:35–10:00 Meeri Koivuniemi (Univ. of Eastern Finland): Photo-ID as a tool for studying and monitoring the critically endangered Saimaa ringed seal
10:00–10:40 Tuomas Eerola (Lappeenranta Univ. of Technology): Seal Vision: Automatic segmentation and identification of Saimaa ringed seals
10:40–11:00 Coffee Break
11:00–11:25 Olli-Pekka Tikkanen and Ville Vuorio (Univ. of Eastern Finland): Newt, Triturus cristatus, photo-ID
11:25–12:15 Isla Graham (Univ. of Aberdeen): Integrating photogrammetry with individual based photo-ID studies to support conservation and management of protected marine mammal populations
12:15–13:05 Emma Carroll (Univ. of St Andrews): Identification of individuals using DNA profiles and CAPOW: simulation software for CApture-Recapture POWer analyses
13:05–14:00 Lunch
14:00–14:50 David Borchers (Univ. of St Andrews): Spatially Explicit Mark Recapture
14:50 Closure of the day and group work possibilities

Thursday, 3. Sep

Workshop will be held at WWF FINLAND (Lintulahdenkatu 10)
9:00–9:10 Marja Niemi (Univ. of Eastern Finland): Introduction
9:10–10:00 Daniel Rubenstein and Tanya Berger-Wolf (Princeton University): IBEIS: Image-Based Ecological Information System for Science, Conservation, and Public Engagement
10:00–10:50 Ali Swanson (Zooniverse): Citizen Science from the Zooniverse: turning large-scale data into scientific discovery
10:50–11:40 Aaron Mason (Tiger Nation): Monitoring keystone species through Photo-ID
11:40–12:00 Coffee Break

12:00–12:50 Leszek Karczmarski  (Univ. of Hong Kong): Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins in Pearl River Delta and Taiwan: Modelling socio-spatial and demographic parameters with photo-identification techniques CANCELLED

12:00-12:50 Benjamin Hudges (the University of Bristol): Fully automated photo-identification of individual great white sharks fins
12:50–13:40 Jillian Hudgins (Olive Ridley Project): Using a citizen science photo-ID data collection program to determine the population of foraging sea turtles in the Maldives
13:40–14:40 Lunch
14:40–15:30 Tom Hart (Univ. of Oxford): Large – scale automated monitoring of seabirds enabled by citizen science
15:30–16:20 Kim Urian (Duke University): Building web-based collaborative photo-identification networks to better understand cetacean population structure

16:20 Closure of the day and group work possibilities

19:00             Dinner at Restaurant Juttutupa (Säästöpankinranta 6, at your own expense)

Friday, 4. Sep

Workshop will be held at WWF FINLAND (Lintulahdenkatu 10)
9:00–9:10 Sari Oksanen (Univ. of Eastern Finland): Introduction
9:10–10:00 Tom Jenkins and Richard Rees (Ravenous): Who's that whale shark: mobile apps for citizen science photo-ID
10:00–10:50 Suwat Jutapruet (Prince of Songkla University): Dolphin and Whale Watching Online Monitoring System by Tourist's Smartphone
10:50–11:10 Coffee break
11:10–12:00 Sai Ravela (MIT): Learning Total Recall: The MIT Sloop System for Individual Identification
12:00–12:50 Ted Cheeseman ( Crowd sourcing: finding and understanding user groups
12:50 Closure of the workshop and future plans

13:30-14:00 Lunch and departure