II Workshop

The second workshop was held in late February 2015 in Koli, Finland (dates February 23-26) hosted by UEF. The theme of this workshop is photo-ID data analyzing: demography, dispersal, population size, survival rate and changes in habitat.


  • Philip Hammond (Univ. of St Andrews):
  • Sanna Kuningas (Univ. of St Andrews, WWF Finland)
  • Alex Huang & Leszek Karczmarski (Univ. of Hong Kong)
  • Kim Urian (Duke University)
  • Caitlin Black (Univ. of Oxford)
  • Randeep Singh (Amity Institute of Wildlife Sciences)
  • Germán Garrote (Life+IBERLINCE Project, Andalusian Government)
  • Stephen Chan (Univ. of Hong Kong)
  • Francisco Martinho (The Sea Sciences Association)
  • Peppi Stünkel (Fundacion Yepez A.C.)