Personnel & Contacts

This is us! We are here for you! Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions about our programme. In questions related to the academic content of our programme, please turn to Academic Heads Katja Lindroos or Kim Talus. In questions related to practical matters, please turn to  Programme Coordinator Laura Tammenlehto.


            Academic Head: International Economic Law and Policy
Katja Lindroos (Weckström)
LL.D., Professor (Commercial Law)
Phone: +358 50 529 3839
Room 2089, Aurora II building
  Academic Head: International Resources Law and Policy
Kim Talus
LL.D., Professor (European Law)
Email: kim.talus @
Phone: +358 50 442 3315
Room 2073, Aurora II building
  Programme coordinator
Laura Tammenlehto
M.Sc. (Criminal Law and Judicial Procedure)
Phone: +358 504423994