Elective Studies


If a student completes at least 15 credit points in the same subject, those studies will be registered as "Studies in..." on her/his degree certificate under the title Minor. In theory, it is also possible to complete basic studies (25 credit points) in a chosen subject. Basic studies is a predetermined study package; you cannot select any 25 cp from a subject and call it basic studies. At UEF it is difficult to find basic studies that are offered entirely in English. All elective courses should be taken in English. If a student does not focus on any particular subject in his/her elective studies, these studies will be placed under the title Other Studies in the degree certificate without any specification.

Course selection

1.Student can choose courses from the other specialisation in the MDP to his/her elective studies.

2. Student can also select from eg. these courses offered by the Law School

Environmental Law:
5311721 Climate Change Law and Policy 5 cp
5311717 Environmental and Social Impact Assessment 5 cp
5311719 Introduction to European and International Environmental Law 4 cp
5311720 International Environmental Law 5 cp
5311731 International Water Law

Other Law studies:
5311918 Classics of Legal Theory 5 cp
5311007 Practical Training 8 cp
5311413 Russian Legal Culture: a Glance Through 100 Years 5 cp
5311513 Basic Concepts of Criminal Law 5 cp
5311805 ELSA Moot Court Competition (10-16 cp)
5311806 European Human Rights Moot Court Competition 6-10 cp

3.Student can also select from these suitable courses offered by other faculties and departments

5119164 Food and Society I 5 cp
5119165 Food and Society II 5 op
3512025 Foresight Methods and Applications for the Forest Sector 5 cp
3123154 New challenges in crop science 4 cp
3513019 Bioenergy markets and policies 6 cp

If student want to choose courses not mentioned above, this has to be pre-approved by the programme coordinator.

All courses must be in English.

All available courses (with course descriptions) are listed in WebOodi.

120 credits or more?

Due to the relatively high level of academic freedom in Finnish universities, students can complete more than 120 credits during their Master's Degree. There are no restrictions concerning the maximum degree. It is highly recommended that students at first accomplish all the compulsory and elective parts of their minimum degree.