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If I have questions about the Master's degree program in Economic and Resources Law, where should I turn to – UEF or UAF?
You should send your questions to UEF, to the program coordinator.

If I have questions about the application procedure and attachments, where should I turn to – UEF or UAF?
You should send your questions to UAF.


I would like to apply to your program at University of Eastern Finland, UEF. In your information on how to apply, you require your applications via University Admissions Finland, UAF. I am confused, where should I apply, UEF or UAF? Where do I send my application?
All applications to the Master's degree program in Economic and Resources Law are to be submitted through University Admissions Finland (UAF). UAF offers a portal for applicants to nine universities in Finland. It provides you with information on how to apply to university and assists you in the application process.

UAF is not part of UEF. It is an independent organisation providing us with the international application services. Therefore, you should apply via UAF and send all your application documents to UAF.

How can I get assistance with my application process?
University Admissions Finland provides service via email (info@universityadmissions.fi). UAF telephone service (+358 29 41 235 28) is open from 15 November 2016 to 14 February 2017. Telephone service hours are from Monday to Friday from 12.00 to 15.00 (GMT+2). University Admissions Finland does not offer face-to-face customer service.

If you have questions about admission requirements, study-related issues or programme-specific enclosures, such as CVs and reference letters, please contact the university you are applying to.

I have applied during the last application period. Can I apply again using the same documents?
Unfortunately, you cannot. The documents that you applied with during the previous application period have been forwarded to the university, where they have been archived. As universities do not return last year's documents, applicants will need to submit new documents to UAF.

If you wish to apply again, you will need to complete a new application, collect the required enclosures and submit the application documents to University Admissions Finland. You should be aware that certain document requirements may have changed from the previous application period. Please check the admission requirements on the university's website before acquiring documentation. Remember to check the Country-Specific Requirements as well.

I am graduating from my Bachelor's degree in May, but your application deadline closes in February. Do you accept conditional applications so that I can apply now and just send my degree certificate after my graduation?
The program accepts conditional applications; applicants who have not graduated by the end of the application period but who are about to complete their degrees are eligible.

If you have not graduated by the time the application period for the program begins, you are required to submit an officially certified copy of your latest transcript of records (please also see Country specific requirements). If you receive the degree certificate and the final transcript of records during the application period, it is recommended that you submit them as well.

You should point out the anticipated graduation date on the application and submit the documents you have at the time of applying. Do not wait to receive your degree certificate if it is not available during the application period. Depending on the program you are applying to, you may also be required to submit a statement from your home institution in English, Finnish or Swedish, stating the expected date of graduation.

I am not sure if I am eligible to apply to your program with the current Bachelor's or Master's degree (or equivalent) that I hold. Can I still apply?
Yes, you can apply to our program. However, the program has been designed primarily for students holding a Bachelor's degree in Law, Business and Economics or an appropriate field in Social or Administrative Sciences (such as political science or international relations).

I have done my Bachelor's or Master's (or equivalent) degree in English. Do I still need to send you a language test certificate?
We have some exceptions from the language test requirement – please see our admission criteria for full information on the exceptions. If your country is not listed, you are required to send the proof of English language proficiency to UAF.

See also country specific requirements and other requirements.

How are the applicants evaluated?
First and foremost, you must fulfil the minimum admission criteria. All applicants who satisfy the above admission criteria will be put through a subsequent evaluation process that will determine which applicants are selected for admission to the program. In particular, the selection is based on the quality, relevance and scope of the applicant's previous studies.

I was not selected for the program. What are the reasons for this, and can I complain over the decision?
The most common reasons for rejection are one the following:

  • We did not receive the applicant's language test result or the result was insufficient
  • The applicant did not hold an appropriate degree (Master's and/or Bachelor's).
  • The applicant's previous academic studies or professional experience did not sufficiently support the Content of the program and the recommendation letter did not succeed in convincing us otherwise.

If the rejected applicant has grounds to question the validity of her/his non-selection, he/she has the right to make a request for rectification. Please note that the request for rectification does not give the applicant the possibility to submit missing or late attachments.

My degree awarding institution is in the USA. Can I have my transcript of records submitted electronically?
University Admissions Finland accepts electronic transcripts submitted through few recognized sources eg. Parchment Exchange (www.exchange.parchment.com/). For more information see: http://universityadmissions.fi/?page_id=530 To see if your institution uses their service, go to Parchment Exchange's website and click on the link ‘Order Transcript', and then choose ‘College Transcript'. Find your institution on the list and click on ‘Begin Registration'. Select University Admissions Finland as the recipient.

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What are the studying costs for the Master's degree program in Economic and Resources Law?
Our programme has a tuition fee for non-EU/EEA students. The tuition fee is 8.000 euros/year. Scholarships to cover the tuition fee are avaliable, please see 'Tuition and Scholarships'. However, students are expected to cover their own expenses such as living costs and other studying costs.

I come from a developing country. Does your department or UEF offer any scholarships for developing country students?
The UEF Law School offers scholarships for non EU/EEA students to cover the tuition fee either entirely or partly. Unfortunately, other funding or employment opportunities are not offered for students.

Do you assist students in finding funding from Finland, or in general?
Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to look into your funding opportunities. Thus, we do not offer any special assistance in finding or applying for external funding.


Do you offer distance learning or Internet-based courses?
At the moment we do not offer Internet-based courses. It is possible to take some courses as distance learning, but you cannot take a whole degree through distance learning.

What is the duration of the program?
The duration of the program is two years (120 cp) including the thesis work. However, it is also possible to finish the program a bit faster, depending on your personal study plan.

Do I need to stay in Finland/Joensuu for the duration of the program?
As we do not offer distance learning degree as such, students are expected to stay in Joensuu for the majority of the duration of the program. However, it is possible for the student to write e.g. her/his thesis partly in her/his home country.

If I want, can I take courses from other faculties at UEF?
Yes you can. There are some restrictions regarding certain courses (e.g. languages), but in general you can take courses from other faculties quite freely.

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I was selected for the program. Is it OK if I find a place to stay after I have arrived to Finland?
No. You need to start preparations for your accommodation as soon as you have learned that you are selected and you have confirmed your arrival. There is a limited number of student rooms available in Joensuu, so the sooner you start looking the better.

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