Master's Thesis, Maturity Test and Graduation

Master's Thesis

The Master's thesis is a student's individual but guided research project in written format. Master's thesis is written in the Master's Thesis Seminar (5311900). The registration for the thesis seminar is once a year, in the autumn semester. The subject of the thesis is personal and will be selected in consultation with the supervisor. The thesis must be written in English. The appropriate length is approximately 60-90 pages (40 credits).

The Master's thesis is graded on a scale 1-5. The duration of the grading process is one month at the longest. Any student who is dissatisfied with the decision may seek rectification according to the instructions attached to the letter of decision.


Students must include an abstract to the thesis (1 page). The abstract page is placed right after the coverpage, before the table of contents. You can download, fill in and save the abstract page from the link below.

Abstract Model


How to submit a Master’s thesis for examination?

When your Master’s thesis is ready, originality verification needs to be performed on it. For this purpose, UEF currently uses the Turnitin plagiarism detection system. The Master’s thesis is uploaded for originality verification via Moodle. This process is initiated by the main supervisor of your Master’s thesis, who will ask you to upload your thesis to the Turnitin system available on the Moodle course, before submitting it for examination. Once a report from the plagiarism detection system is available and your Master’s thesis has been established as complying with the practices of responsible conduct of research, you can submit your thesis for examination.

The Master’s thesis needs to be submitted for examination as a PDF/A file, enabling electronic archiving of the thesis and ensuring that the thesis remains in a readable format also in the future. You need to submit your Master’s thesis as a single file, i.e. to include possible appendices in the same PDF/A file as the actual thesis. Assistance in how to create this file is available from Oppari.

Theses are published in PDF format if the student has been given permission for e-publishing, which is recommended.

Thesis submission form

On the form, you are asked to give the following information about your Master’s thesis:
- name of the Master's thesis
- was the Master's thesis written in collaboration with another author
- course code of the Master’s thesis: this can be found in the Study Guide
- department/school you are completing the Master’s thesis for
- your campus
- main supervisor of the Master’s thesis
- degree of publicity of the Master’s thesis in the library’s publication system.
The electronic form will automatically identify you on the basis of your UEFAD username. Log in to the form by using your UEF username and password. The thesis submission form is available here.

Maturity Test

As of 1st August 2015 onward the procedure of the maturity test concerning the students of our international master's programmes has been changed. From now on the abstract of the student's thesis is considered as the maturity test. Students should contact their programme coordinators for further information.


Students who have completed all the required studies (study modules, thesis, maturity test) for the degree may apply for a degree certificate using an application form. Contact the programme secretary for the application process. The degree application form is available here.

The delivery time for the certificate is three (3) weeks from the point when the last study unit has been registered or from the date the application was returned. NB! At the busiest periods, such as at the end of the autumn and spring terms, delivery times may be longer.